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  • <span>Blu Falls</span>Arts &amp; Events Center

    Blu FallsArts & Events Center

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Blu Falls Arts & Events Center offers the very best in service and quality for your next special event.  

The building and facilities have been designed from the ground up to accommodate the special needs of wedding parties whether it is the use of the outside gazebo or the bride and groom dressing suites.

The Food and Catering we provide is created and managed by dedicated culinary Chefs.


Who we are

We began with a small cafe and catering business in Pendleton, Indiana. As we began to cater more and more events, it became clear that there were few venues in our area that were able to host the events that our clients wanted. So we began to dream about what we would have, if we built our own facility.


Blu Falls Arts & Events Center owned by Steve and Cindy Costerison and Clark and Erin Costerison.

Blu Falls opened February 28, 2009 and has hosted proms, wedding receptions, baby showers, community events, and multiple corporate events.


What we do

  • Weddings

    Blu Falls is excited to make your Wedding Day dream a reality. 

  • Corporate

    Blu Falls Arts & Events Center is perfect for your next corporate event.

  • Catering

    Blu Falls does all in house catering, with the exception of your wedding cake. You may have your cake brought in from another licensed bakery or we can do your cake right here.